scrap happy rainbow quilts

Hello. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy following me on my journey playing with colour and quilts.


A friend suggested sorting scraps by colour order to make them more approachable. I seem to end up sorting by rainbow order.


Now to put them together. One of my favourite ways to piece scraps is by making crazy squares. Quickly them came together into 12″ blocks.


I decided that I needed smaller pieces to achieve the flow I was planning, so cut all the blocks into 4.


More small blocks seemed to help and this is the layout I ended up with.


Now to piece all the blocks together.  I decided to quilt in a giant spiral to emphasize the blend from one colour to the next.


This quilt is backed in thick fleece, without batting.  I have found that no batting is needed as a heavy fleece adds the desired thickness.

I hope this inspires you to pick up some of your scraps and use them up. Especially since that is how quilting came to be.

2 thoughts on “scrap happy rainbow quilts

  1. Hi NB!! What a great blog. What a fantastic colourful quilt!! Look forward to seeing your blog develop. You have a lot of valuable knowledge to share.


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