Gifting and stuff

For our MQG Victoria December meeting we did a mini-mini swap. It had to be quilted and less the 5″ square. It was a fun little challenge to make something tiny.  So I made this…


and I got this cute little selvage mug rug back.


Now, for Christmas gifts I would love to be able to make all my gifts, but there is not enough time, and sometimes it’s just not the right thing.  I guess I can understand that. But for those I know will appreciate handmade things, I got to work. For all the years my boys have been in school I have made pot holders for their teachers. Pair that with some jam and I think that’s a pretty good gift.


Over the years I have done so many-see my flickr page- but this style seems to be my go-to. Lined with 2 layers of batting and 1 layer of thermal batting in the middle, they are strong and pretty heat proof.

For a teachers who has had both of my boys, I went a bit further and made a table runner.


And I only took a photo of the one bag, but for 3 young girls in my life ( 12, 6 and 2 years old) I made Vanity bags with age appropriate treats inside. This one if for the oldest.


This cute and super easy bag is based on a pattern from The Impatient Patchworker . I adapted it a bit and added more scrappy detail for fun.

All the gifts have been given so it is safe to post. Hope you had a rewarding gifting Christmas too.



Baby Quilt

I love it when a friend or co-worker is expecting a baby.  Baby quilts are small and come together fast, even with complicated patterns.  I find it is a great way to play with new ideas without committing to a massive project.  I checked with the soon to be grandma regarding colour plan for the baby room- soft grey and pink- and started sketching.


The top design won out.

So I pulled out a few colours to choose from and put it together.


Lots of heavy quilting to give it texture.


and it is all ready to give to brand new little Lily.