I won!

Every month at Modern Quilt Guild Victoria there is a modern quilt block demonstrated and instructions and a colour palette given.   You can choose to make 1, 2, 10 or as many as you want, or none. At the next months meeting you bring in the block(s) you have made.  For each block, you get a ticket.  At the end of the evening one ticket is drawn and the winner gets all the blocks made, ready to put together for a quilt top.  In November I won!  I don’t often win things, so I was probably more excited than was appropriate, but oh well, a little joie de vive.

This is the stack of blocks I got020.JPG

Not my usual go to colours, but very fun.

I played a bit with layout and decided I needed some complimentary blocks


And then it was time to put it all together.  Trying to get all the white strips to line up was tricky and I am bad about cutting first, and then needing to do over. So there was a bit of stitch ripping and redoing.  Mostly it all came together well with precise pinning.

And then the quilting…hmm. didn’t want to be predictable and do geometric, so I fell back on long ago days of calligraphy (thanks mom for having us take lessons!) and the back and forth loopy flow worked very well. I rarely use contrasting thread, but felt there needed to be visible detail in the black squares.



And for the back I finally used that cool fabric I bought at Ikea many years ago!


I have done very few square quilts (rectangle is my go to) but after hearing Cheryl Arkinson speak at one of our guild meetings, I decided to do it. Funny how such a basic thing just never occurred to me. Love it.


4 thoughts on “I won!

  1. I love your layout and your backing choices! It turned out so well, especially the loopy quilting. That is my favourite design to do, I love the motion of it and it is one of the few free motion designs where I really get in the groove 🙂 See you tonight at the meeting 🙂


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