My MQG guild  is having a name tag challenge this month.  We all wear quilted name tags to meetings, but it was time to do new ones with all the new members through the last year. Sometimes it is nice to work on a small manageable task!

I made one when I joined last year.


Now to go further.  My first plan came out WAY too big!  I realized halfway through, but decided to finish it and I am sure I will use it someday, somewhere.


But I loved the blend of blues, and the hint of sparkle in many of the fabrics called for some metallic thread. So…


I then used an old strap from last years dental convention and covered it in homemade bias tape.


And all done.


And now we have decided to go away the day of the February meeting, so I will miss the competition. shoot!


4 thoughts on “Nametags

    1. Ooh! “people in charge”. yay! text your address? I have to drive out to Oak bay today, and could stop by just after 2:00. if you are not home, I could leave it in your mailbox. that would be cool.


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