Minecraft bedroom wall

Well, it’s not sewing patchwork, but it’s patchwork none the less.

I have a 9 1/2 year old son who Loves Minecraft. So when we had gotten to a point where I was going to give up my sewing room so that he and his  brother could each have their own, there was no question as to a theme in the new room.  I picked out all my green and brown craft paint.


And measured out and penciled a 6″ grid and started painting. My fabric cutting ruler worked great to draw out the lines.

Unfortunately, craft paint needs 2-3 coats, so it was very time consuming.

But I think it came out well, and B was thrilled.


To go with the theme, I made lava pillowcases, and put on the pixelated dragon quilt I made for B’s 8th birthday.


1600 2″ squares! I worked in 10×10 blocks. lots of planning and systematic pinning and pressing. The quilting is a swirls on the white and 2 different free-motion stitches to look like scales.


Although not technically Minecraft, I think the pixelated look of the dragon goes quite well with the theme, and most importantly, B is thrilled with his new room.

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