Itty Bitty

“Go big or go home”, yeah but “great things come in tiny packages”. “It’s all in the details”, yeah but “look at the grand scheme of things’.

Lately I seem to be doing a lot of small sewing, and less big stuff.  The small projects have a much faster conception to completion, therefor more feelings of satisfaction, and pleasure.

There was Christmas potholders ,and a mug rug, and then name tags . Now I have gone smaller.

I have made a new friend, who carves amazing little wooden dolls (about 6″ tall). I will try to get a photo of one of her amazing creations. She showed me one last week and I was inspired to make a little lap quilt for this precious little girl. Kj dresses them in old fashioned print dresses, so I knew I wanted to go with traditional and muted colors.  Not my trademark palette, but I like to push my own boundaries to see what I can create from a new perspective. And clearly I needed to go tiny.

1″ squares make for fiddly, but fun work.  It came together nicely in a soft rainbow.


just under 4″ square, this was one quilt I was willing to hand bind.


Sometimes the pleasure comes from creating, sometimes from completing a challenge, and sometimes it is purely from the desire to give something to somebody else to hopefully give them pleasure.

When I showed this to a quilty friend, she asked if I had recently looked at a blog called Twiggy and Opal?  I have looked at the blog before, but not within the last month. Apparently she and I are on the same wave length, as she has made something very, very similar this week too.  Just something in the air waves, funny coincidence.


This little one now lives over at Quimper Hitty with Carrot Soup, her new owner.

5 thoughts on “Itty Bitty

  1. Your mini turned out great! It seems rainbow stars are all the rage…at least with me and you! Working with such tiny pieces is not always easy, it’s a test of patience! I always hand sew my mini mini bindings (actually all quilts)! Bindings can be tricky on such small pieces, but it can be done and it looks amazing!

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  2. Thank you so SO much for the tiny rainbow Quilt! Carrot Soup loves the quilt and so do I – now when we think there is too much rain and fog, we’ll remember yellow sunshine around the edges and rainbow stars!


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