WIPS, or Whoops, I got distracted.

It’s not that I have the attention span of a squirrel, but there are so many ideas and plans in my head for new quilts, and then the occasional due date project( birthday, baby etc.) that I have a few too many unfinished quilts. Eek! my hope is that putting it out there in the universe will make me try to reduce this pile.  And it’s not that I have become disinterested in any of these projects.  I had one unfinished one that I actually threw out because it had been haunting me for over 10 years, and even slashing it and adding to it just made it worse. Like the majority of quilters… so many quilts, never enough time.

Here is my pile of shame.



And this doesn’t include a few others brewing in my mind and on the sketch pad, and the little Make it Modern that just has to be bound before the Quilt show in May.

Hopefully one of these will make it to the finished pile soon:)

4 thoughts on “WIPS, or Whoops, I got distracted.

  1. No shame at all!!! We all have a pile of “stuff” and let’s face it, the quilt in your mind is way more interesting than the one in the pile!!! Big steps and little steps. Maybe tackle one every two months?

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    1. that is 2/3 of it, that will become throw pillow sized, unless I just keep adding and it becomes??? I have now left it out to work on if/when I ever sit still. I used to work on it while the kids were little and played at the park.


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