brag photos

The costumes were a success. thankfully!


And I always look back with pleasure and think…next year I will start earlier! ha! One can always dream and think positive.

The colour of my lengthening evenings has been black, grey, and green, green grass.


And sometimes hand stitching gets done in the stands!

inspiration into fabric

Phew! Raffia skirts, anklets, wristlets all done.

Now I get to have fun with my machine again.

That wave block has kept me inspired. What’s a good contrast with blue waves? Orange.


Ooh I like it! And I like it when my idea successfully translates into the fabric I am sewing together.

So onward with an hour of peace and quiet in the house (except for the whir of my Janome) and I got a good start on my plan.


Yup, it’s gonna be fun. I can barely wait until next weekend to make some more.

On a side note, but definitely inspiring, is my friend Sue Martin’s new business. Check out her cool custom copper jewelry at SMARTin Design .


Yup, costume stuff is due soon. working steadily each evening.

But also due on Thursday, and much more exciting is my “Make it Modern” challenge for the upcoming Victoria Quilters’ guild quilt show in may.  My guild was invited to take a traditional block and make it modern. Maximum perimeter size 96″. So that’s pretty small.  No prints, only solid colour fabrics. This is the first piece I have ever had in a show, so although it’s small, it’s pretty exciting to me.

I chose a traditional starflower block.


And then let it burst.


And I thought I was done, but just realize that I haven’t sewn a label on the back with my name.  Gotta get on that tonight.


And with the attention span of a 2 year old, I got all excited, dropped the attempt at revising and finishing something old, and started a new project.

The wave block lotto got me inspired to create a pattern in my head.


I jumped right in and started cutting


It was at this point I realized why I haven’t been able to settle in and finish a project…


I should really be making African costumes as promised for the school performing arts teacher, instead of making quilts! Procrastination can you make you get into all kinds of other things while you block out what really needs to be done.

So with a sigh I put away my fabric for today and began to cut up raffia skirts for 15 girls and make 2 anklets and 2 wristlets for 27 kids. and then I need to come up with something for the girls hair, and possibly make braided headbands for the boys from the left over cuttings.


Part of my delaying is that I took on the teacher’s concept, and she is needing me to come up with the plan and pattern. tougher when it’s somebody else’s concept you are trying to interpret.

Skirts now done, onward with the wrist and anklets.

Making waves

This month the Block Lotto at my Modern Quilt Guild is an improve curvy block. Colour palette …my favorite colour, blue.

And I love curves too!  Happy me.


I can’t wait to see how the winner of the blocks puts them all together. Maybe it will be me?


This is all the sewing that happened in this busy first weekend of the baseball season.  But at least I got to sew a bit.  Happy me.


Finding Colour

I started looking for colour inspiration, this time in my yard.  Come on a tour.  First in bright flowers…


But then I noticed how many lovely shades of green there were around.

Hmm, maybe a multi-shaded green table runner for spring? in the slab style of Cheryl Arkinson?

But then I saw a little hint of other colours among the greens


The best find and hint of colour was this little lady. And I found her in my rose bush after I spotted some little brown aphids already busy feasting.  Eat well lady bug!


Not a Bargello

I seem to be in a finish up old projects kind mood these days. I suppose that is a good thing, if only I had the free to actually do what I felt like. Work and family and life in general of hinder the 24/7 quilter I dream about being. Anyways…

After posting about WIPs I realized there were more in my fabric tubs-eek!

About 8 years ago my friends M, S, and I spent a day working on Bargello quilts. I thought they looked pretty cool.  This is not mine, just an example from the internet.

And yup, they can be fun, but I am not as in love anymore. Due to technical issues, my attempt didn’t get far and it has been sitting in a bag with the fabric and strips since that day.


I was at a loss, didn’t want to continue, didn’t want to tear it all apart.

My quilt friend M reassured me that I could turn this into some kind of gem. Thanks M.

Yup, there is potential.  But now it is time to clear up for dinner prep.


So now it will sit until next time I get a chance to sew. Hopefully sooner than 8 years!