Not a Bargello

I seem to be in a finish up old projects kind mood these days. I suppose that is a good thing, if only I had the free to actually do what I felt like. Work and family and life in general of hinder the 24/7 quilter I dream about being. Anyways…

After posting about WIPs I realized there were more in my fabric tubs-eek!

About 8 years ago my friends M, S, and I spent a day working on Bargello quilts. I thought they looked pretty cool.  This is not mine, just an example from the internet.

And yup, they can be fun, but I am not as in love anymore. Due to technical issues, my attempt didn’t get far and it has been sitting in a bag with the fabric and strips since that day.


I was at a loss, didn’t want to continue, didn’t want to tear it all apart.

My quilt friend M reassured me that I could turn this into some kind of gem. Thanks M.

Yup, there is potential.  But now it is time to clear up for dinner prep.


So now it will sit until next time I get a chance to sew. Hopefully sooner than 8 years!

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