And with the attention span of a 2 year old, I got all excited, dropped the attempt at revising and finishing something old, and started a new project.

The wave block lotto got me inspired to create a pattern in my head.


I jumped right in and started cutting


It was at this point I realized why I haven’t been able to settle in and finish a project…


I should really be making African costumes as promised for the school performing arts teacher, instead of making quilts! Procrastination can you make you get into all kinds of other things while you block out what really needs to be done.

So with a sigh I put away my fabric for today and began to cut up raffia skirts for 15 girls and make 2 anklets and 2 wristlets for 27 kids. and then I need to come up with something for the girls hair, and possibly make braided headbands for the boys from the left over cuttings.


Part of my delaying is that I took on the teacher’s concept, and she is needing me to come up with the plan and pattern. tougher when it’s somebody else’s concept you are trying to interpret.

Skirts now done, onward with the wrist and anklets.

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