Fort MacMurray

Seeing photos and hearing the reports of the loss and devastation of the forest fire that has wiped out so much of the city of Fort MacMurray and surrounding areas is so heartbreaking.  So what do quilters do? We make and donate fabric comfort.

This little one is on a truck heading to an evacuation shelter at the end of the month.


This is a disappearing nine patch. Something I wanted to try years ago.  It had been sitting on my quilt rack for a few years and needed a home.  What a great way for it to go.  That felt good.

Oh Mylanta, now what have I gotten my self into! Satin Moon Quilt Shop kindly donated 2 bundles of precut fabrics to my quilt guild for a quilt for Fort MacMurray.


Making quilts for others really appeals to me, so I stepped up and said I would like to be part of that, with the help of others. Well, the fabric has come to my house with me being the lead on creation.  so far I have 2 other quilters committed to coming over for a 4 hour sewing frenzy on Friday.  We’ll see how far we get. and if there are any more offers to help.

There are 5″ squares, 6.5″ squares, 8″ pieced 4 patches, and 7″ pieced framed squares.


And some weird random novelty fabrics that really didn’t go; they got put aside.

So I started to play with the layout this morning.


I was going to try a light to dark colourway, but with these pieced blocks, I think the random colour flow it what will be.

This is where I stopped, since there was no more kitchen floor space to use. 80″x 100″ unpieced, so it will be a bit smaller when put together. LOTS of seams there.


And then there will be a border of the 6.5″ squares.

So most of my other projects have been put on pause(hopefully not for long), with the exception of 2 smaller time sensitive projects that are near completion.

I am quite the magpie…OOH, new fabric to play with!!!


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