a whole bunch of colours

This quilt is nothing but brilliant colour! After some planning by me and some power sewing by myself and a few quilty friends last Friday, and by me tonight, this batik quilt top is complete. it measures 101″ x 84″. Full bed size for someone in
Fort MacMurray who has lost so much in the recent forest fire that destroyed a large part of the city. Thanks again Satin Moon quilt shop for donating the fabric.


My nine year old was the photographer of this one, as it was so big my hubby and I had to hold it high to get it off the ground (sideways even).  The wind didn’t help either!

As we were building this quilt we decided it was going to be a “fluid” quilt.  Working with many different sizes of blocks that had to be worked out to fit, and layouts changing it was a lot of colour movement; therefor fluid!


This is my kitchen turned into a quilt shop( yup 3 sewing machines). We even had a little baby helping(well maybe hinder is a better word). His twin brother slept thru the whole event.

It was enjoyable to work with so many jewel like colours, and the sun behind them turned them into stained glass.


The next step is to patch together solids for the back, and then find a floor big enough to spread it all out and pin it ready for quilting.  I love piecing a quilt top, I love quilting in lines and swirls and whirls, but I hate sandwiching it together. Ugh!


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