Big quilt, small machine

Today was the deadline to get this batik quilt quilted.  I have been sewing for the last 4 days, in between house cleaning, family life, baseball and sleep.  But it is done! Yay, phew!


The key to working with a big quilt is to keep the massive bulk of fabric organized and in control. These words make me happy.  I like organized and in control. Lots of rolling and pinning rolls in place and feeding evenly.

The suggestion was made to use variegated thread for the quilting, but I decided to just use a variety of thread instead.


Jewel tones, just like all the lovely batiks.  I chose to do double straight line quilting for ease of the bulk.

DSC03372And then just 33 feet of binding to attach.  I have sewn it onto the front and will hand bind it to the back this week.


On a sad note, Linda Rafuse, the owner of Satin Moon Quilted Garden who donated all the fabric for this quilt, passed away this weekend.  I didn’t know her, but feel connected to her through her fabric that I have been handling for the last few weeks.

6 thoughts on “Big quilt, small machine

  1. Linda paid forward…you and your quilting buddies are paying forward….the recipients of your gorgeous quilt will likely pay forward…..and so it goes and should go. Awesome job N!!!!

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