Colour and Glass

I have always loved coloured glass, and surrounded myself with it.  Come over for a glass of wine, and you will see the blue.


And what better to way to get a peek at the morning sun than a rainbow.


These bottles send rainbows all around the room. Awesome. Purple and orange were the toughest ones to find.  I have MANY more blue bottles in a box, waiting to be arranged in another window.  I guess you can have too much coloured glass.  Darn!  We have lived in this house for 4 years, and although I love the heavy wide wooden blinds, it interferes with my windowsill decorating.  So the 2 high side windows in the kids play room are my little spot for glass.

I grew up 1 block from the beach south of Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, and it has always been a good place to let go of the stress of the world.  Add to that beaches that have coloured glass washing up and I am all smiles.  There is even a beach just down the street from where I work in Sidney called Glass beach.  In the 1950s there was a glass factory right on the water, which burnt down.  The whole thing was bulldozed into the ocean, and for the last 60 years broken glass bits have been washing up.

This is still typical, but even 10 years ago, there was more glass than rocks, especially a one end where the big rocks created a catchall. I used to collect Delphite-the pale blue milk glass- and found many broken bits of that and all kinds of other china bits. Amongst the blue bits there I have come across lumps that clearly melted in the heat of that old fire.

I used to have jars of all kinds, but have become more selective and pared down my collection.


Here you can see bits of china and how the salt from the sea gets into the glass, never to be gotten out. DO NOT use this stuff in a fresh water fish tank!



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