This weekend it was about big pieces of fabric. and making big things.

A friend as school asked if I could finish the edges for some table clothes for the teacher appreciation lunch.  “Sure” says the crazy lady.  By next week. ” Sure” says the crazy lady. Cause I certainly don’t have anything else piled up!!  But I want to help, and it needs to get done.  So 45 feet of fabric arrived Friday morning at my house.

It had been cut into five 9′ pieces, which frayed a lot.


Trimmed, zig-zagged, double turn edges all sewn together and delivered.  The friend who asked for me to do this job took my kids to the beach for 3 hours so that I could get this done. Fair trade.


The other big job was to make a back for the batik quilt top to donate to people who lost everything in the fire in Fort MacMurray.

I didn’t have a big enough piece for the whole back, so I needed to come up with something.  My mom’s cousin is a designer for Ethan Allen and a few years ago gave us a big bag of scraps and cuttings. Amongst others there was a lot of this Greek column fabric. But it was a lot of smaller pieces and one long strip.


There wasn’t quite enough of the one fabric, so I added contrast fabric strips to bulk it out.

Pretty happy with the result. Hopefully this will work with the other side.DSC03359

So now it’s a matter of putting it all together.  That will be next weekend.



Applique pieces

I generally sew everything by machine.  Including most mending and hemming and quilt binding. The rare exception is embroidery once every few years.

But recently I hand bound a little wall hanging quilt and enjoyed the process.  Then I hand bound a surprise gift with as much pleasure. Now my quilt guild has asked members to applique a quilt square for a charity quilt.

This is what the final quilt plan looks like, but on the right is the colour palette that was chosen.

I cut the template and traced onto good ol’ cereal box board.  Then cut out my pieces.

DSC03343After sewing pieces together on my machine and pressing the edges under, I was ready to hand sew.

DSC03344And 1 baseball game sitting in the stands sewing, it is all put together.  I definitely need to improve my curves, think it looks not too bad.