Look up

Take a big breath, let it out, and look up into a tree.


I can almost guarantee it will make you feel better and maybe more peaceful.  Babies can be soothed by laying them under a tree with rustling leaves (I’ve tried it and it works) and the movement of the all the leaves stimulates brain activity.  Trees are good for us.


Part of the reason (among many reasons) why we bought this house was the two trees. In the front there is a beautiful Golden Black thorn Acacia.  It has this lovely spring green all spring and summer long.  We had a tree like this in the yard where I grew up.  There are tiny black thorns up to a centimetre long on all the branches and we used to break them off and lick and stick them on our noses to be like… I don’t know what, but it was fun.


In the back there is a huge Sugar Maple.


It drops tons of little maple leaves in the fall, but for now it gives privacy, lovely shade, and is home to a breeding pair of hummingbirds.

Again, look up.


The leaves rustle and you can feel stress float away.  How many shades of green can you find.

That’s all I had planned for this post when I saw the light in the trees this morning and grabbed the camera.  But I compose my post in my head through the day, and along with my thought of Look Up came talk at the office, on the radio and news about the ridiculous new game for smart phones called Pokémon Go and people being glued to their phones walking around like zombies and being oblivious to the world around them.  How crazy are these people to be missing all the wonder and beauty around them simply because they find the world on their phone more appealing.  Sad.

So look up at the world, not down at a phone.  Be enthralled by all the colours surrounding us everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Look up

  1. Some of my most favourite pictures that I have taken while on vacation are those taken when I have “looked up”! Thanks for reminding me to be mindful.

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