Sometimes you can bite off more than you can chew.

This is random width, straight line quilting.  Something I have done more than once, and really like.


And this is random width, match stick quilting. Something that I think looks great, feels amazing, and


Takes forever!!!

But I have begun a significant section, and there’s not going back.  So I am committed to finishing this way.  Unless I get committed to the loony bin first!

And while I enjoy the process of quilting, once I have started, I want it done to see the final result. Like, now.

This isn’t all that exciting, so here’s a little fun colour from left over tie dye colour…


At the bowling alley…


And from around the house….

I realize now that purple isn’t one of my “go to’ colours, I had a hard time finding photos.

Well that was a fun little break flipping through photos.  Now back to my match stick quilting.  Good thing I have lots of serger thread.  Hopefully the quilt will be done by the next MQG meeting.  I have less than 2 weeks.

Oh, do you like my new header? Just testing out something new.



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