dots of colour

Sometimes you can be driving along and a bright dot of colour grabs your eye.


Somebody with a colourful sense of landscaping!


not really my style, but fun none the less.

More my style is some bright dots appliqued on to a bag to make it more…pretty.


this is the not-so-exciting fabric/mesh/canvas/not sure what material bag that I got to take home my left-overs from a fancy restaurant in downtown Vancouver.  It is a nice size and shape, but definitely lacking in brightness.  So I started cutting circles to appliqued on.

DSC03533I found a great U-tube tutorial by Sarah Fielke  on making perfect applique circles.  yeah, mine are certainly not perfect, but the technique she showed was cool.

So now I have so slow hand applique to relax and do while the kids play at the beach this weekend.


More and more I am drawn to “slow” work, although the other part of me likes to see results.  I will always be torn between the two. Happy Wednesday.

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