Birds of Prey

Today we went to visit the Raptors north of Duncan.  They have many birds of prey and do a few flying demonstrations throughout the day.


There were a few different lovely owls.

The young barn owl with the not-bright-white face was quite sweet, still calling out as babies do until they leave their parents nest. How can you resist that heart shaped face?  The trainer who was telling us about each bird talked about how owls used to be persecuted as heralds of death, and shot on site.  This period of time co-insides with the black plague.  Can’t see that this is a coincidence that people were killing rodent eaters and the rodent overpopulation brought disease.  We are all so connected.

The biggest bird was this “handsome” fellow named Gaston.  He is a Marabou Stork, local to Africa.  He lacks vocal cords, but that big sack at this throat amplifies the noise of his beak when he clacks it together.


Another import was a pair of very cute Kookaburras.  Native of Australia, these two are Canadians, born and bred.  We got to hear them Laugh.  My oldest son and I kept breaking into song: “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he, laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra, gay your life must be”.

They moved very quick, so it was hard to get a good portrait, but you can really see the pale blue/turquoise on their wings.  Things I didn’t know.

On a more local note was this amazing bald eagle named Hera.  Just so huge! And she only weighs 10 lbs.  Lots of fluff in those feathers, and air in her bones.


There were some cool hawks and falcons too.  The one on the grass had caught a flying decoy on a rope and was enjoying a reward of fresh meat attached to it.

Well, that’s my ornithology lesson for today.

Now, fresh from my garden “one of these things is not like the others”.


Sometimes you get a random different seed mixed in.  The picture isn’t great, but that one red one was cool when cut into.  Red outside with a bright yellow core.

Not much sewing happened this weekend. 😦


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