Sumac Colour

Beside my front driveway lives a Staghorn Sumac tree.  Actually it’s classified as a shrub, and since it has many trunks coming up from the ground, I would go with the shrub classification.

Although the tree is not the star of this photo from a few summers ago, you can see how lush and full it gets, with bright red drupes.


In late september we get another pretty show.



But something is wrong.

Only 3 out of 6 trunks had green leaves this spring, and only one trunk was fairly full of leaves.  Now into August, it is looking pretty sad.



Pretty stark contrast against the bright green of the Black Thorn Acacia!

I was worried about it suffering from the drought, but everything I have read says this shrub is happy in poor and dry soil conditions.

But there is hope, in a new generation.


Other years we have cut all of these suckers before they get this big, but I left them when I saw the tree looking so wilty.  Did that cause the decline? Who knows.  The stems of the suckers show part of the reason for the name Staghorn.  Check out the fuzz on the stems, similar to new antler fuzz.


Any tree dying makes me sad, but I guess it is part of the life cycle.  Hopefully the new suckers thrive.

Still match stick quilting my Not a Bargello.  I have gotten to the point of just wanting it done so that I can play with something new. Soon.

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