moody colour

One blessing of having quilty friends is that sometimes you come home and there is a bundle of fabric on your doorstep.  I had no idea who it was from so posted it on facebook, and learned it was on a free table and my friend and first quilt teacher M thought it called out “Netta”! So she grabbed it and gave it to me.

My kids have decided that the throw pillow I made will be a visual gage of mommy’s mood.

Good day, happy day.


Stand back and stand slack.


Not likely to be used for mood measure, but look at that…Pink and green again!  And I like the idea of fun throw pillows in the living room.  And frugal gal jumped in… the old pillow was a bit flat, so I used a towel with frayed edges as my batting, to add thickness.  Worked pretty well.

And although I had been looking for a charcoal grey for the contrast in my shot cotton nine patch quilt, I have decided to go with this deep blue linen.

dsc03664 I think I have got my design decided, but am hesitant to start cutting.  It’s all good to “say” I am making a quilt to enter into a challenge that may end up going to Quiltcon, but now I need to just do it and not worry about anything but the making.

I just checked out “Bedroom Style, perfectly pieced” by April Rosenthal from the library.  At the beginning of the book she has a little quilt style quiz.  Don’t you love a good little quiz to give fun insight into yourself?  I do.  No surprise my “style” came out as Coastal Vintage.  Yup, love me the old Cape Cod white trimmed house and stylings.

Now for a few days of work, and then back to some sewing.  Ooh, and I finally hung a mini quilt in my living room. (Not pink and green, but I think it still works).




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