Sunday Night

Even at the end of the season I can find some amazing colour in my hydrangea.


I spent a lovely Friday evening sewing with 4 other ladies from my quilt guild.  4 hours flies by when you are cutting and sewing slabs of colour.  We are working on a group challenge for Quiltcon. It’s funny, I have sewn and quilted for years, and am pretty confident in my skills, but when working in a group with some people who I know are super quilters and varying levels of perfectionists, I start to feel self-conscious about how good my piecing is.  And then I somehow volunteered to quilt this one.  Silly girl!  Now I am lying awake trying to plan how I will quilt this to perfection, not my usual “done is better than perfect”.  Rise to the challenge, right?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Night

  1. I think if pink and green hydrangeas are in your heart when you quilt, then it will be a wonderful thing!
    I love the rainbow “masthead” of cloth! When did that appear? how could I have not noticed it till now!


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