What does yellow make you feel? I associate it with happy most of the time.

Image result for happy face

Of course there is mustard yellow, baby poop yellow, and burnt umber…

But mostly there are sunflowers, lemons, and a new box of pencil crayons.  These all seem to radiate pleasure. Just like the sun in the sky.

Even my project for tomorrow involves yellow.


Yellow can lift a mood, brighten a room and make things glow, but can also suggest dingy white fabric, leaves devoid of chlorophyll, stained teeth. All depending on the shade, I guess.

My husband suggests the old warning of ” don’t eat yellow snow”!

I have used yellow as a contrast in a quilt or project, but never as the main colour, have you?  Hmm, another  idea building? maybe.

And just like my drawer 1/3 full of yellow fabric (as opposed to 2 drawers overflowing with blue fabric), that’s all I have about yellow.  thanks for listening to my thoughts.

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