So I took a class

I started quilting about 12 years ago.  My dear friend taught me the basics and start to finish of a simple quilt.  Since then I have taught myself through trial and error, tips and tricks from friends, how-to tutorials on the internet, and library books.  And I think my skills have come along pretty well.

But I want to get better. And I think I need to get some professional guidance to get the better I want.  So when I found out that Kathleen Riggins was coming to do a trunk show at an MQG guild meeting and teach a class, I knew I needed to take that class.  I was treated to the class as early Christmas gift from my parents.  And I was not disappointed.  Kathleen does amazing free-motion quilting.  We started with a preprinted panel and spent 6 hours stitching and swirling and having fun.  It was great!  And it was worth the extensive orchestration of people to take my kids to Saturday activities and transport and care for a whole Saturday.


I look forward to trying my new skills on future quilts.  But first I must practice more.  That starts with sketching designs.  Sketching over and over again gets your hands in the flow and helps to make the same designs on fabric.


And lots of perusing library books is helpful too.


And while I was surfing the quilt book section at the library, I came across this one and just grabbed it for interest.


Can you imagine just how much valuable information this baby has?  I didn’t notice until I brought it home, but this book was published in 1999.  Plenty of great tips about connecting to the internet thru dial-up and warnings about “free” email servers like Hotmail. heehee!  Quick skim and this one is going back to the library.  But the others will get more attention.

Tomorrow I plan to pick up my half quilted panel and practice a lot more.

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