We are at that time of year when it is dark when I drive to work, and dark when I come home.  Life becomes so much more indoors and days go by without entering the yard.  I like my yard and it makes me take a big breath and let go for a moment. So on my days off I am sure to at least stand for a moment on the back step to just pause.

But dark is very present for many hours more each day.  So I looked there for inspiration.

Voila! The Northern Lights.

Image result for northern lights
They are not visible this far south in Canada where I live, but one day I hope to see them for real.
The colour palette for the block lotto for my October MQG guild meeting was this
Image result for northern lights
black, navy, dark purple, and bright pink, yellow, green.
Which brought me to these blocks. I hope it will turn out well in a full quilt.
I have been having fun being the creative director for the guild and coming up with blocks for members to do each month.  Part of my excitement is to see a) how many people make the block( usually a good indicator of people liking it or the palette chosen) and b) how my block will come together in a full quilt. I may not see the actual result all quilted together very quickly after the winner gets the blocks, but even seeing them up on the design wall together is exciting, I think.
I have already made November’s block, and planned 2 after that. Sometimes I get a little over excited about stuff!
The other good thing about longer dark nights is hand work on the couch.  I was raised with the concept that daylight is for  being up and doing, evening is when it is ok to stop and sit quietly to make or read etc.  So even though I am an adult who can decide what I do when I want, I still have this thing inside me that throws guilt my way if I sit around too much in the daytime.  And what better activity to do on  a cold winter evening  but work on a quilt, with the rest of it piled warmly on your lap.
I also tend to have more quilts out at this time of year. Other than my hubby, the rest of us in the house like to bundle up in quilts on the couch in the evening when reading or watching tv. Or sewing.
Keep cozy on these dark evenings, we have lots to go.

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