grand plans

Hi, my name is Netta and I have a problem.

Well it’s a pretty common problem, I think.

I suffer from ” I think I can do more in the time available than is realistic”.

I had 2 weeks of from work and a GIANT “to do” list of creativity.  And now there are only 2 1/2 days left and not much crossed off that list.  Granted 7 days were spent in southern California, 1 day of travel recovery, 2 days of jobs and errands with Hubby (productive, but not exactly creative), and 1/2 a day raking leaves, cleaning the garden shed, putting away summer plant pots etc. I will probably always wish for more creative time.

But I did get something creative done from my wish list, although the project is not yet finished.  My nine-patch challenge quilt for Quilt Con… the top is complete (sorry can’t show you until after Quilt Con).  And the back is now done, using up lovely but long hibernating fabrics that just needed to be used.


I fell in love with this probably 10 years ago.  Just never found the right use, so now it graces the back of my nine-patch.  But it wasn’t big enough, even with a border. (See the green tape on the floor-that’s how big I need the back to be).


So I started searching my stash for similar shade fabrics to piece together. Almost enough.


Voila, a pieced back. And spray basted with batting and the top.


There’s a bit of wrinkling after the spray basting, gotta fix that, then I can begin to quilt this.  The deadline is November 30th, so I better get going.

The problem with a big project is that it’s tempting to do a bunch of little projects in the time I work on the big one.  Crossing off things from the list is half the fun, isn’t it?  But since this deadline is quickly approaching, I will stay on track and do it first. 12 days, and I work 6 of those. eek! better stop typing and get quilting.

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