Avocado green

What do you think of when you see the words Avocado green? A late 60’s kitchen stove? Some early 70’s shag carpet.  All that and more!

Image result for 60s avocado green appliances

But in a slightly brighter shade of a true avocado.

Image result for 60s avocado green appliances

My mom taught me to pick an avocado at the store with a hint of green to it.  Less likely to have been squeezed and have finger bruises inside.  This one looked about right.


A friend at work taught me to look for pear shaped ones.  They usually have a smaller pit than the egg shaped ones.  This has proven true again and again.


I in turn taught her the easy way to get the pit out…whack it with a knife and twist.

dsc03722  And that you don’t need a spoon to get the avocado out of the peel.


Ok, so there’s your avocado lesson for today:) Enjoy your healthy fruit.

So I did sew today.  And with avocado coloured thread.  On the back of my quiltcon quilt. Sorry it’s not much to show, but this was a lot of my day.


The other major event in my life is a little grey tabby.  Her name is Pearl and we adopted her from the SPCA.


She is 4 months old and full of beans and is a major distraction in our world.  Skittering through the kitchen while I am sewing in the dining room.  My boys haven’t had a pet before and it was high time they experience an animal in their home.  They are “friends” with pets of family, but I am glad for us to have our own pet.  There is some jealousy over whose lap she will sit in, when she’s willing to sit still for a moment.  So far she loves my hubby the most.

Enjoy your week and let random colour inspire your creativity.

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