sewing frenzy

so the last week has been me and my sewing machine and my Quiltcon quilt.  Everything else has been sidelined.  But after many late nights and aching fingers from hand binding on a tight schedule, my quilt has been submitted to Quiltcon.  Now the wait to see if it gets in.  Stress, nervous, excitement.  My first time entering a big competition. Did I do it well enough?  Did I take good enough photos?  Too late to change anything now, I just need to let it go.  I have entered the American Patchwork and Quilting Nine-Patch challenge.

I took  a nine patch, changed up the dimensions, and quilted the hell out of it.


even the shadow box around got lots of stitching


And I put the title in there too.  Nine Nines Floating.


I will wait for acceptance or denial from Quiltcon before I show you the whole thing.

And now a moment to breath, and then get fully into Christmas sewing and making and decorating.  It is December 1st, time to giddy up!

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