winter berries

It may be dull and brown and wet around here, but if you look around you can see bright little spots.  Winter berries!  They would be more obvious if there was snow on the ground to contrast their standout colours, but around here we only get a dusting of snow every few years. I took my camera out yesterday to see what I could find. The pyracantha ( sometimes called Firethorn) is all over the place here in Victoria, mostly along major roadways where I couldn’t get out and photograph it.  But you can see how they brighten up a hillside.


And sometimes there is a place to stop and get a close-up.  The abundance of berries on each branch always amazes me.


Arbutus trees are pretty common around here too.Image result for arbutus trees in victoria bc

Their distinctive red bark is lovely to look at in a park.  My friend’s dad once warned me never to have one in my yard… They drop bark peels throughout the year and drop leaves and flowers in the spring and summer.  The only time they are just nice to look at without cleanup is winter.  And that’s when you can see their berries.


On my berry hunting trip I found some berries that I was unable to identify

And then a traditional berry tree for this time of year. Holly! But not enough for me to unobtrusively cut a few branches for indoor decorating.


I have a holly tree across the street from my driveway, but no berries on it.  I wonder if it needs to reach a certain maturity? or maybe there are male and female trees that need to be near each other to produce berries?  I will have to research that one.

And then these lovely Viburnum berries. In my favorite colour.


I came home all inspired by what I had found and did a fabric pull for a Christmas project, berry themed of course.


Time to go and sew. Enjoy your Sunday.



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