delayed projects

Doing my entry for Quiltcon was fun and exciting, but didn’t leave room for many other projects that were building up in my sewing area. One project was some infinity scarves.  A friend and I were at the fabric store in September and there was some nice drapey fabric that was on sale, really cheap.  And I am always the one to step up for more projects, I chimed in ” with a meter of that I could sew a nice infinity scarf”.  I made myself one a few years ago.

Well I decided it was long past time to do this “quick ” project.

slippery fabric needs many pins


I double folder and pressed and pinned the cut sides of the meter of fabric, then double folded the ends together.  And Voila.


Originally my friend bought 2 meters so that I could make 2 scarves.  One for her and one for me as payment for making the other.  But then she decided that her mom would love one too, so she’s baking me a pecan pie instead.  Pretty good deal, I think.  She is a great baker.

And now I feel like going to the fabric store and looking for other soft drapey fabric to make another infinity scarf for myself.  But there are WAY too many other sewing projects to do before Christmas.

And M’s 8th birthday quilt.  I love quilts and love to make them, wrap up in them, and gift them.  But deep down I know that a person CAN have too many quilts.  I made baby quilts for both my boys, and decided that at age 4 they could use something bigger and more age appropriate.  That set a precedent of every 4 years( in my logical brain).  So at 8, I made a pixilated dragon for my oldest.


Well, M turns 8 in January, and I have narrowed it down to 2 subjects: a storm trooper(from star wars), or just pixilated sports.

Image result for pixelated stormtrooper
Image result for pixelated baseball
or something along this line.  Still not sure.  hmm. I really like the storm trooper, but when I have asked round about questions about redecorating his room, M says sports theme. I think I will think about this one after Christmas.
Good luck with your Christmas preparations.  I am looking forward to having a sew date with 2 friends on Friday.  Not sure what I will sew, but I am sure I will find something.

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