gifting 2016

In a perfect world everybody would love a homemade gift, that I could make.  And I would have the time to make all my gifts.  Unfortunately not everybody wants/needs what I can do. But for those who need/want/love/appreciate fabric and yarn that has passed through my fingers I am right on it making their gifts.

Along with these, I made a heat proof table runner for my mom, and crocheted dishrags and jam for one of the boys teachers.

And now I can stop for awhile, right? Wrong.  And I know that it is self imposed.  And I do love to sew and create. Nothing like a deadline to keep me going!  M’s birthday is January 14th, so I need to get on with cutting fabric for his 8yr quilt. I have started drawing and plotting. But with approximately 1050 2.5″ squares, it’s time to stop typing and start cutting.

Enjoy your holiday pause before the new year and all that comes along with it.

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