getting started

I have spent a LOT of time lately cutting 2.5″ squares and the other day started putting the 786 squares together for M’s upcoming 8th birthday present.

This is the plan:

Strormtrooper pixel art - Stickaz:

Star Wars StormTrooper for those who don’t recognize it.  This is a Perler bead design I found on Pinterest.

I ran out of the dark grey, so have added a darker grey for even more colour transition.  Here they are, ready to go…


the only squares missing are the 99 4.5″ white squares to fill out the background.

Each evening I pin squares together until I run out of pins,

dsc03815 following my plan, section by section.


I started by just using shades of pencil but found I needed more distinction so pulled out random coloured pencil crayons.  This has the added bonus that at a glance M would not realize what this is a picture of!  So I plug along, pinning late in the evening, sewing the next day, pinning the next evening.  It’s coming along well.

from here


to here.


It just takes time.  I am tempted to get more pins, but I really don’t need more except for something like this.

This is where I would put in a photo of my pin filled rainbow pin cushion, but I don’t have a photo of it. hmm, must take one, once it has it’s pins again. You can see a glance of it in a photo a few above, but it is so much nicer when my older son has arranged all the pins in their colour matching pie piece.  He has said more than once ” mom, can’t you put them back in their proper places so that I don’t have to keep organizing them”.  He’s awesome!

So the deadline for this quilt it January 13th so I better stop typing and get sewing while I have a few free hours alone at home.  Enjoy the end of your week.


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