I really find that a busy week equals an overloaded brain which equals the appearance of forgetful Netta.  This may seem obvious to many, but it took me awhile to recognize this and not just beat myself up about being forgetful.

What that means tonight is that I brought the part quilted storm trooper quilt to work today to show to a friend who was coming in.  I have planned to quilt in all my spare time between now and Saturday morning.  But the quilt is still sitting under my desk at work! argh!!! And work is a 25 minute drive away.  double argh! So tomorrow I will lose an hour of quilting time to go get it.  My dear hubby says “is it really so important if you don’t get it done in time?  He will still get it.” Me “It is important to me that he gets it on his birthday”.

So I was in a grump for awhile, but took some breaths while doing dishes and let go what I couldn’t change today.

And now I have an evening with less to do in it.  so…


a bit of time to explore some new books I borrowed from the library the other day.

2 thoughts on “forgot

  1. I absolutely LOVE that you brought the quilt to show me!!!!! Perhaps if you can quilt it in places that will hold it together, bind and label it….give it to M……there will be time after the big birthday to finish the in between quilting…..? Just a thought. Love Tula Pink

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