wall painting

I actually enjoy painting walls and rooms.  As long as I have the time.  But this is different.

Last year I painted a Minecraft wall for my 10 year old.  Minecraft is a pixilated video game series.  He was pretty happy.  And it worked well with his pixilated dragon quilt.


Last summer when my niece saw it she thought it would be cool to have me do something on her wall.  I said sure! and long time coming, I did her wall this weekend.  She’s 12 so something with a bit more girly whimsy.


Yup, dandelion fluff. And then of course the source…


And for the final result.  She was pretty happy too.


This was a 3 hour job. You can buy similar decals online for about $40, but oh well, this is custom.

I love doing things like this that personalize a room, and particularly enjoy movies that have hand painted murals in them. This is from the most recent Paddington movie

Image result for paddington movie tree mural

I know I have seen others, but can’t find them right now.

So find ways to personalize you home, it’s fun.  Or have me come over…I will happily help!  I just pencil in my design (sometimes with a grid for proportion) and then fill in with craft paint.  Easily sanded and painted over when the whim changes.

building a pony

well, not really a pony.  It’s a rocking horse.  I have made this same pattern 2 times previously, all commissions for the same client. Yay to repeat customer!  Although doing the same pattern seems a bit odd, it is a replica of a quilt made for C by her mother when she was a child.  Her mother has since passed away and she wanted quilts for her 2 children just like the one she had growing up.  These are the two previous ones.  C picked the very busy fabrics and I constructed.

This time it was for her sister’s baby and I convinced her to include a solid and some less busy prints. But still plenty of whimsy.  Check out the mountain goat who is falling.


Each time I do this quilt, I have to figure out how to put it all together because I didn’t make notes the last time( thinking it was a one time thing). First step was to cut out all the pieces, including the framework of  logs and the background.


Then I began the satin stitch applique. Not my favorite thing.


Came out not too bad though.

Next I constructed the border and background.


And then it is time to spray baste and pin the whole rocking horse in place.

dsc03884I think it will come together pretty cute.  Now after about 3 hours of applique, the top is complete.


This quilt will be sewn together inside out, turned and finished.  So no binding, and minimal actual quilting.  Just enough to keep the binding from bunching when being washed.

I have borrowed one of the previous rocking horse quilts for measurements. As a bonus, I get to see how well it has held up to a few years of love.  Pretty good, I must say.

Hubby was away for 2 nights and I had such grand plans for getting lots of sewing done.  But as usual I think I can do WAY more in the time available than is actual reality. And the there are kids and groceries and meals, oh, and sleep.  I need that one and lots of it.  Like 8 hours, preferably.  I am not good when I am overtired. You?

I also spent some time on one of my own quilts…check me out on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BQt_LndDu8t/?hl=en   . This one is taking lots of time but loving the texture.

the colour of Calendula

I am a blue girl through and through.  Green has blue in it, so it’s good too.  Same with purple.  I use the other colours in the rainbow because they belong and sometimes highlight my favoured colours.  But in my drawers and drawers of fabric( arranged by colour) yellow and orange share a drawer.  And it’s only half full.

I am trying to create new thought pathways, and although it’s hard to step off a well worn track, it IS good for us to do.  Even if just the baby steps of using a bigger range of colours of fabric.  Or felt pens.

It may seem like I make a big deal out of choosing colours for a colouring book, but this is really part of my experimenting in colour to what works and what appeals.  It is hard to work in colours you don’t like!

Last nights colouring exploration went like this: Start with green, then more green…

but now for the flowers.  Pink? nope, done that lots, purple? blue? nope, nope. Orange! yup.

dsc03876and yellow too.

And as I am colouring and quite liking this colour combo I realize that it reminds me of my mom who is away right now.  Not because she loves orange particularly, but because of a flower that is always in her garden.  Even the smell of Calendula leaves makes me think of her.

Image result for calendula

I don’t talk to her every day, and we don’t see each other every week because of the 4 hours of travel between our homes, but I am aware of her absence right now.  I miss being ABLE to call her.  I can’t imagine losing a parent and am lucky that I have not.  I know she’s having a great trip and I will see her soon.  But it is cool that I could channel a thought of her through a colouring book.  Or at least that’s how I see it:)

Getting organized for quilt guild meeting tonight, and the start of the round robin.  I am eager to see how many people join me.

Happy playing with colour, wherever it leads.

Family day, no sewing.

Today was about hanging out with the family, so no sewing happened.  But I did sew yesterday.

You have heard me say I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to quilting projects.   Not that I don’t finish, but I tend to be easily and often distracted by something new and exciting.  And sometimes in pulling out stuff I come across a started project and it grabs me.  Yay!  Those blue and white HSTs grabbed me and I have been thinking about them and what to do.  Originally I was thinking about a medallion quilt.  A center block with lots of borders, something like this…

Image result for blue medallion quilt

But then I have seen some cool Navajo style quilts…

Image result for navajo style quilt

and that intrigued me even more.  There are so many cool borders and row pattern possibilities.  Doing a row at a time seems a pretty good way to have a natural break, where that part is complete, and I can put it away with some satisfaction.

I just wanted a start to finish project for yesterday while I had a friend over sewing together.  She is just a beginning quilter and I am happily her enabler. When I pulled out all my blue fabric (yup there’s lots),


and my friend saw what appeared to be the beginning of a quilt she said ” Hey, you are starting a new one, so that means you have all your incompletes done?” I laughed and laughed.  As I said, she’s a new quilter and doesn’t know much about having many UFOs in your repertoire.  But this one has been in my started pile, in it’s own little case, for probably 2 years, so it is probably time.

I started in my favorite way… sketching borders on graph paper.  Then I made a bunch of HSTs.  (doesn’t make sense to calculate exact amounts does it? you can always use them in something else.)  the layout looked good…

dsc03867so I started pinning and sewing…

dsc03869and I think it came out pretty nice.

dsc03870I made it 40″ so that I can finish it with white at the ends.  That length set the standard for all the future rows.

That’s my make story for yesterday.  Hopefully doing a row at a time will inspire me to try a few new techniques and create something fun.





Sometimes that’s how I feel about my fabric stash.  It is ridiculous how much fabric I have in comparison to what I actually use  in a year.  But I have pared down, and I think I would like to use everything I have.


I started tidying and cleaning up my sewing area.  Well, not my sewing area…I sew at the dining room table.  This is my fabric and sewing stuff storage area.  I get excited and work on a project, but once I’m done, I am bad about separating and putting away the left overs.  Partly because I am already wanting to start the next project.  Talk about magpie distraction!!!  But the other part is my frustration with my fabric stash.  I love  my fabric, but some drawers are overflowing , with almost not room to put back the leftovers.  In those drawers is a lot of fabric that I have ideas for and just never get time to do.  I DO realize that this is really not a problem; to have more fabric than time.  And it’s a classic quilter’s thing.  Never mind a stash, it’s a stable…STash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy.  That truly is ridiculous.  Really, I could make quilts for years without buying anything except batting.

And 2 of those overflowing drawers are full of scraps.  I save anything over 1 inch.  And as much as I make scrap quilts and projects, I still have 2 drawers full.  Every year or so I pull out all my scraps and organize them by colour to make my scraps more user friendly.  This system certainly works and I get a boost of feeling organized.

I have grown so accustomed to sharing what I make on here, facebook, flickr, and instagram, that secret projects are hard!  Now that I make the block lotto each month, I can’t show my creation until long after I have made it.  Here is Sept, Oct, Nov 2016 and Jan 2017

I am having fun creating blocks, and it’s cool to make one block and then when everybody brings in their blocks I get to see them all come together.

And I have completed my center block for my round robin quilt.  I am very excited to start the exchange.

So that’s me this weekend. Hope you enjoyed the first weekend in February.

colour fix

Sometimes I get a colour combo stuck in my head.  Do you?

Waterton National Park, Canada

turquoise and orange, blue and orange.

These are complimentary colours on the colour wheel and although I am not a big orange fan I can’t deny how great it looks with the whole range of blues.  And clearly from the above photos, nature likes them together too!

Manmade things too

Image result for turquoise and orange

I think I might need to do a fabric pull in these colours and see what comes of that. Oh, wait, I have a half started project…

dsc03282yup! This UFO could certainly use some attention.  Time to pull it out.  Yay!