Family day, no sewing.

Today was about hanging out with the family, so no sewing happened.  But I did sew yesterday.

You have heard me say I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to quilting projects.   Not that I don’t finish, but I tend to be easily and often distracted by something new and exciting.  And sometimes in pulling out stuff I come across a started project and it grabs me.  Yay!  Those blue and white HSTs grabbed me and I have been thinking about them and what to do.  Originally I was thinking about a medallion quilt.  A center block with lots of borders, something like this…

Image result for blue medallion quilt

But then I have seen some cool Navajo style quilts…

Image result for navajo style quilt

and that intrigued me even more.  There are so many cool borders and row pattern possibilities.  Doing a row at a time seems a pretty good way to have a natural break, where that part is complete, and I can put it away with some satisfaction.

I just wanted a start to finish project for yesterday while I had a friend over sewing together.  She is just a beginning quilter and I am happily her enabler. When I pulled out all my blue fabric (yup there’s lots),


and my friend saw what appeared to be the beginning of a quilt she said ” Hey, you are starting a new one, so that means you have all your incompletes done?” I laughed and laughed.  As I said, she’s a new quilter and doesn’t know much about having many UFOs in your repertoire.  But this one has been in my started pile, in it’s own little case, for probably 2 years, so it is probably time.

I started in my favorite way… sketching borders on graph paper.  Then I made a bunch of HSTs.  (doesn’t make sense to calculate exact amounts does it? you can always use them in something else.)  the layout looked good…

dsc03867so I started pinning and sewing…

dsc03869and I think it came out pretty nice.

dsc03870I made it 40″ so that I can finish it with white at the ends.  That length set the standard for all the future rows.

That’s my make story for yesterday.  Hopefully doing a row at a time will inspire me to try a few new techniques and create something fun.



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