building a pony

well, not really a pony.  It’s a rocking horse.  I have made this same pattern 2 times previously, all commissions for the same client. Yay to repeat customer!  Although doing the same pattern seems a bit odd, it is a replica of a quilt made for C by her mother when she was a child.  Her mother has since passed away and she wanted quilts for her 2 children just like the one she had growing up.  These are the two previous ones.  C picked the very busy fabrics and I constructed.

This time it was for her sister’s baby and I convinced her to include a solid and some less busy prints. But still plenty of whimsy.  Check out the mountain goat who is falling.


Each time I do this quilt, I have to figure out how to put it all together because I didn’t make notes the last time( thinking it was a one time thing). First step was to cut out all the pieces, including the framework of  logs and the background.


Then I began the satin stitch applique. Not my favorite thing.


Came out not too bad though.

Next I constructed the border and background.


And then it is time to spray baste and pin the whole rocking horse in place.

dsc03884I think it will come together pretty cute.  Now after about 3 hours of applique, the top is complete.


This quilt will be sewn together inside out, turned and finished.  So no binding, and minimal actual quilting.  Just enough to keep the binding from bunching when being washed.

I have borrowed one of the previous rocking horse quilts for measurements. As a bonus, I get to see how well it has held up to a few years of love.  Pretty good, I must say.

Hubby was away for 2 nights and I had such grand plans for getting lots of sewing done.  But as usual I think I can do WAY more in the time available than is actual reality. And the there are kids and groceries and meals, oh, and sleep.  I need that one and lots of it.  Like 8 hours, preferably.  I am not good when I am overtired. You?

I also spent some time on one of my own quilts…check me out on Instagram   . This one is taking lots of time but loving the texture.

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