wall painting

I actually enjoy painting walls and rooms.  As long as I have the time.  But this is different.

Last year I painted a Minecraft wall for my 10 year old.  Minecraft is a pixilated video game series.  He was pretty happy.  And it worked well with his pixilated dragon quilt.


Last summer when my niece saw it she thought it would be cool to have me do something on her wall.  I said sure! and long time coming, I did her wall this weekend.  She’s 12 so something with a bit more girly whimsy.


Yup, dandelion fluff. And then of course the source…


And for the final result.  She was pretty happy too.


This was a 3 hour job. You can buy similar decals online for about $40, but oh well, this is custom.

I love doing things like this that personalize a room, and particularly enjoy movies that have hand painted murals in them. This is from the most recent Paddington movie

Image result for paddington movie tree mural

I know I have seen others, but can’t find them right now.

So find ways to personalize you home, it’s fun.  Or have me come over…I will happily help!  I just pencil in my design (sometimes with a grid for proportion) and then fill in with craft paint.  Easily sanded and painted over when the whim changes.

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