pretty pink

It’s looking pretty pink out there.


This is a street near my work, where I walk on my lunch hour.  Not the prettiest photo, but you can see that the cherry blossoms go on and on.  And as you walk under them, the sweetest delicate perfume comes down around you.  Lovely!


These first blossoms of spring are later than usual around here, but they are worth the wait,


Most of these on the city streets are ornamental, but could you imagine all the fruit that would come from these trees if they were fruit producers.


Soon we will see a variety of colours in the trees, but I could only find one very pale pink amongst all the mid-pink ones.

20170327_172647I can’t get enough of them.  Perfect inspiration to go out for a walk every day!

spring lambs

Lovely little long legged lambs.  These little girls have some wrinkly skin to fill in! My boys named them Sarah and Julia.


Just 18 hours old, still pretty clingy with momma.  They tottered around her, oh so cute.


And she kept a pretty close eye on them! So much fun on Quadra Island.

eggs of colour

DSC03929A co-worker has new chickens and has started to bring eggs in to work to buy.  It’s hard to see in this picture, but they are huge!  The carton barely closes.

I didn’t have the heart to crack the pretty coloured ones open, so decided to blow them out into a bowl.  The kids got omelettes today.

I am sure there are many techniques, but I do it like my mom taught me.  Using a pin, I poked three holes in the top to blow through and then a small circle of holes in the bottom for the egg to come out.  Then get your trumpet cheeks puffed, press your lips to the top of the egg and blow.  Not too hard at first, then a bit more pressure to get the whole egg out.  They will take awhile for the last drips to come out.  Try to sit them upright on paper towel.


As I am holding the needle, I can see my mom’s hands doing this.  Yup, I definitely have my mom’s hands.  Thank you, they are lovely.

Since it is not yet Easter, but getting there, I made a little spring setting on the table.


My house is normally mostly about function, so it is nice to make a little prettiness once in awhile.

Fibonacci colour

I was struck with an idea by the re-discovery of the Fibonacci sequence and the resulting Golden spiral.  I am not sure where I came across it.  A Fibonacci sequence is recognizable as (after the first 2 numbers- which are 0 and 1 or 1 and 1), each subsequent number is the result of the previous 2 numbers.  Example…1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21.  See how that works.  To me that was intriguing.  More so when they were laid out.

Image result for fibonacci

Yup, that’s a quilt in the making.  And then comes the Golden Spiral.

Image result for fibonacci

See what is happening here.  Exciting! Well to me, anyways.

Next came the colour palette.  Hmm, could I make it 7 numbers in the sequence?  Then I could do a rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Yay!

You saw a peek at the beginning of this one last weekend. 2 shades of each colour seemed to work well.

Next came sewing curves. Oops, I didn’t photograph that step.  But then I put all the curves together.  Pretty pleased with how that came out.  At this point I am thinking I should also do it in reverse, with the purple at the center and the biggest square in red.


But part of this project was to complete something, and keep it wall hanging sized.  So perhaps I will do the reverse colours another time.  I wanted to make the colours pop so decided on a black frame.


And then the quilting fun began.  It is great to work on something this size after the many bigger ones I have worked on.  I used a gold coated thread for either side of the curve seams, for the Golden Spiral, and then putty coloured thread for all the other stitching.


And then I framed it in little spirals, in rainbow thread.



I still have some quilting to do, and then binding.  But this is the closest to a quick finish I have done in awhile.  Partly because of the size, I have kept interest, and not gotten side tracked.

I was choosing a backing fabric on March 17th, and I came across this in my stash.

DSC03923Seemed fortuitous.  It was almost exactly the right size too.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

And then there is the fact that I was working on a rainbow, with a hint of gold.  Maybe I have had a leprechaun on my shoulder.

So that’s my math quilt.  And my 10 year old math wiz thought the whole concept and resulting quilt were “pretty cool”.  That’s an accomplishment too!

Happy spring days ahead. Lots of new spring flowers and fresh leaves appearing around here.  I love it.


rainbow solids

You know how I love rainbows.  And solid colour fabric. Put them together and what have you got? Bibbity bobbity boo. Well I think it’s like magic!


Oops, missed indigo

DSC03900That’s better, don’t you think?
I have a plan, it involves fabric ( duh, Netta), solid colour fabric, a rainbow colour scheme, and math.  Some quilters hate quilt math.  I love math in general and when I discovered a math principal that can apply to quilting, well Hooray I say.

But it’s secret, so you only get to see hints until I complete it.

See, even rainbow scraps are fun, or at least pretty.


And then there was some cutting done today.


But Baseball season has begun, which means weekends disappear while I am at the ball park.  I love baseball and love my boys playing, but my sewing machine definitely gets neglected from April to June.  I need to prep some hand work to do while I am in the stands, I think.  Or baseball related sewing… I came home today with a box full of jersey’s that need a little league badge sewn onto the sleeve.

ah well, it is what I love.  Sewing, creating, making, repairing.  It satisfies a tactile, visual, and creative need.  It fills me up.

Find the rainbow that brings you joy, it is always worth it.



finishes and starts

Yay, rocking horse complete!


Soon to be delivered.

And although March has come in like a lion (snow in Victoria in march is pretty rare), there are definite signs that spring has sprung.  I have seen a few daffodils already, and spied some tiny pink buds on a bush behind the library today.


Like a song stuck in my head, I keep hearing “spring has sprung, the grass is green, I wonder where the flowers been?”  Makes me want to pull out my green and pink fabrics and start creating.  Oops, maybe I should work on something half done instead.  I guess.

“Not a bargello” is so close, yet so far.  Dense quilting is terribly time consuming, but lovely to touch


I am almost at the finish line, so this one is currently under the needle.  Lots of thread getting used.  Good thing I am using a big spool of serger thread for this one. ( Don’t tell the quilting police).

Maybe I can have it done before the next guild meeting.  That’s a good, actually attainable goal!  Must not get distracted! Gotta go sew! later.


Colour Blind

I can’t even imagine, can you?  I know that I don’t take the world of colour around me for granted…that’s part of why I do this blog.  Although some days the world is just pretty blah.  But look at all the brilliance that is missed.

Related image

People with Deuteranopia can usually see blue, yellow, and green; but they miss out on the whole warm colour spectrum.  Of course, there are varying levels of colour blindness and not everyone is the same.  And I suppose if you were born that way you wouldn’t know that this pack of pencils crayons is anything different than what you see.

Image result for colour blind

Whereas when I see pencils crayons, it is like a row of jewels!

Image result for pencil crayon rainbow

I recently saw a program telling about new lenses that can be made to correct the colour spectrum for colour blind people.  Everyone who tried them was overwhelmed by the brightness of the world around them.  Some people were brought to tears. They have to be custom made, and very few companies are doing it.  Someone I know is going to Mesa, Arizona to get fitted for a pair.  Apparently they don’t work for everybody though.  G is pretty excited and hopeful.

So next time you are sitting at a stop light, be gratful that you can just look at the colour of the lights, not have to see where they are on the frame.

Image result for colour blind, traffic lights