Colour Blind

I can’t even imagine, can you?  I know that I don’t take the world of colour around me for granted…that’s part of why I do this blog.  Although some days the world is just pretty blah.  But look at all the brilliance that is missed.

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People with Deuteranopia can usually see blue, yellow, and green; but they miss out on the whole warm colour spectrum.  Of course, there are varying levels of colour blindness and not everyone is the same.  And I suppose if you were born that way you wouldn’t know that this pack of pencils crayons is anything different than what you see.

Image result for colour blind

Whereas when I see pencils crayons, it is like a row of jewels!

Image result for pencil crayon rainbow

I recently saw a program telling about new lenses that can be made to correct the colour spectrum for colour blind people.  Everyone who tried them was overwhelmed by the brightness of the world around them.  Some people were brought to tears. They have to be custom made, and very few companies are doing it.  Someone I know is going to Mesa, Arizona to get fitted for a pair.  Apparently they don’t work for everybody though.  G is pretty excited and hopeful.

So next time you are sitting at a stop light, be gratful that you can just look at the colour of the lights, not have to see where they are on the frame.

Image result for colour blind, traffic lights



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