rainbow solids

You know how I love rainbows.  And solid colour fabric. Put them together and what have you got? Bibbity bobbity boo. Well I think it’s like magic!


Oops, missed indigo

DSC03900That’s better, don’t you think?
I have a plan, it involves fabric ( duh, Netta), solid colour fabric, a rainbow colour scheme, and math.  Some quilters hate quilt math.  I love math in general and when I discovered a math principal that can apply to quilting, well Hooray I say.

But it’s secret, so you only get to see hints until I complete it.

See, even rainbow scraps are fun, or at least pretty.


And then there was some cutting done today.


But Baseball season has begun, which means weekends disappear while I am at the ball park.  I love baseball and love my boys playing, but my sewing machine definitely gets neglected from April to June.  I need to prep some hand work to do while I am in the stands, I think.  Or baseball related sewing… I came home today with a box full of jersey’s that need a little league badge sewn onto the sleeve.

ah well, it is what I love.  Sewing, creating, making, repairing.  It satisfies a tactile, visual, and creative need.  It fills me up.

Find the rainbow that brings you joy, it is always worth it.



One thought on “rainbow solids

  1. I miss our family days at the baseball park! Cherish this outside time with your little ones, Netta. Handsewing is a great happy medium I think.

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