eggs of colour

DSC03929A co-worker has new chickens and has started to bring eggs in to work to buy.  It’s hard to see in this picture, but they are huge!  The carton barely closes.

I didn’t have the heart to crack the pretty coloured ones open, so decided to blow them out into a bowl.  The kids got omelettes today.

I am sure there are many techniques, but I do it like my mom taught me.  Using a pin, I poked three holes in the top to blow through and then a small circle of holes in the bottom for the egg to come out.  Then get your trumpet cheeks puffed, press your lips to the top of the egg and blow.  Not too hard at first, then a bit more pressure to get the whole egg out.  They will take awhile for the last drips to come out.  Try to sit them upright on paper towel.


As I am holding the needle, I can see my mom’s hands doing this.  Yup, I definitely have my mom’s hands.  Thank you, they are lovely.

Since it is not yet Easter, but getting there, I made a little spring setting on the table.


My house is normally mostly about function, so it is nice to make a little prettiness once in awhile.

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