Lovely Lilacs


They seem to be everywhere in my neighbourhood right now.

“I’m going on a lilac hunt, I’m not afraid” was the tune in my head.

It was pretty windy this morning, but having a goal of capturing some of the amazing blooms was a good incentive for my walk today.

There are hedges of them around here

And walking under the delicate scent if heavenly!


Some are shaped like grape clusters


While others are like big 3 fingered hands


Every one is so lush that I had to “catch” it on my camera


And by the looks of it, they will still be blooming for a little while to come


We used to have a dark purple one in the middle of the yard.  It interfered with playing soccer, football, and baseball and grabbed at your hair when mowing around it.  Now it is gone! Also at the side of the house we had a gigantic light purple lilac, as tall as the house.  Many lower branches were dead and the high up ones hung over the roof, so we cut it down, almost to the ground.

New shoots this year, but no blossoms until next year I guess.


Now back to sewing blocks for my Canada quilt. More to share on Sunday.

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