Not the scary old harmonized sales tax, the fun and versatile half square triangles.  I love them!

But first, how I got to this point.

I have a quilty friend, well more than a friend, she’s the one who’s charisma made me decide to join my Modern quilt guild.  And she is a fountain of quilty knowledge and support. You can find her at handwroughtquilts@wordpress.com. She retired as our guild president at the end of 2016 and as a thank you for all her hard work over the years, we all cut 2.5″ squares to give her.  Some might think that’s a funny present, but she was thrilled.  She loves 2.5″ squares. Here’s my contribution…(she’s a rainbow lover too).


That got me thinking, what do I get as excited about?  I do love 5″ squares, often called charm squares.  Often precut and found in a charm pack. Great name! But when I think of precut squares of any kind…I think about making them into HSTs.  That gets me excited! HSTs are so versatile and give so much more movement and potential shapes to a quilt.

A few years ago I drew out and systematically put together this quilt top.  Sadly it is waiting in the closet to be quilted one day.

dsc03838 Another quilt I made with a Charm pack gifted to me from a friend; you have seen before.


These tiny 1″ HSTs came together in a tiny doll quilt that you can see at quimperhitty@wordpress.com.

And every time you put two squares together, you can make 2 HSTs.


Or if you sew a square onto a corner, sew a 2nd seam and then you have left over HSTs for something in the future or to use in the same quilt like this.

I even have a little box where I collect them for ??? I am sure I will find a use someday.


The little blue and white stack is for a medallion border on a sort of started blue and white quilt.  I have so many quilts on the go, it is just silly!  I will really try to finish some of them this year before starting new ones, sometimes I just get a new idea into my head and start pulling and cutting fabric.

Well that’s a peek into my brain today.  Thanks for reading.


It’s the spice, right?  And variety goes hand in hand with balance.  Sounds good to me.

I used to do many different crafty things…basket weaving, crocheting, beaded jewelry, stained glass, sewing, embroidery, painting, and Christmas crafting of all kinds.  Then I learned to quilt.  I still did most of the other stuff, but found I was feeling like I never had quite enough time for any one thing.  And I wanted to get better at quilting and that takes time.  I decided to pare down my other craft materials and cut out some altogether so that I could spend more time doing the main thing that I was steadily becoming obsessed with.  It was kind of freeing to have some of those craft things gone.  I still love to make, but don’t feel “obligated” to work with, say, beads, as they are all gone from my house.  I use that word, cause that’s how my brain works.

But sometimes it is good for your brain to do something else.  And it is good to go out with the girls and get away from the house and family sometimes.  So we went to Paint Nite.  You go to a bar/pub and eat, drink and paint.  An artist instructs you step by step to all make the same painting.


It was actually amazing to see the different peacocks that came out of this.  Mine was pretty true to the original ( cause I like to follow directions and rules), but many people altered the colours or perspective, or made an amazingly realistic bird.

It was fun to be creative in a way I haven’t been in a long time, but make it social, and not too brain draining.

And it helped to break up the days of sewing tiny squares.  I worked hard all weekend and got the Storm trooper quilt top together.  Although now seeing the photo, I realize I have missed a whole row of white squares on one side to frame it on all sides.  Better add that.  And I didn’t realize that the medium grey was too dark, and the light grey too light.  Too late to change it now, and it is because I wanted to use fabric I had, and not go buy more.  I think the effect is still pretty good though.


I don’t think the 8 year old will complain or criticize:)

Now I have this week to baste and quilt, in between 4 work days, a Parent Advisory Council meeting, an MQG executive meeting.  Well that’s variety in my week!  Needs to be done for Saturday morning for little M’s big 8th birthday.  And I only have part of the quilting planned.  Hmm.

Hope you have a great week. Threats of snow hereabouts, so we shall see what comes.



getting started

I have spent a LOT of time lately cutting 2.5″ squares and the other day started putting the 786 squares together for M’s upcoming 8th birthday present.

This is the plan:

Strormtrooper pixel art - Stickaz:

Star Wars StormTrooper for those who don’t recognize it.  This is a Perler bead design I found on Pinterest.

I ran out of the dark grey, so have added a darker grey for even more colour transition.  Here they are, ready to go…


the only squares missing are the 99 4.5″ white squares to fill out the background.

Each evening I pin squares together until I run out of pins,

dsc03815 following my plan, section by section.


I started by just using shades of pencil but found I needed more distinction so pulled out random coloured pencil crayons.  This has the added bonus that at a glance M would not realize what this is a picture of!  So I plug along, pinning late in the evening, sewing the next day, pinning the next evening.  It’s coming along well.

from here


to here.


It just takes time.  I am tempted to get more pins, but I really don’t need more except for something like this.

This is where I would put in a photo of my pin filled rainbow pin cushion, but I don’t have a photo of it. hmm, must take one, once it has it’s pins again. You can see a glance of it in a photo a few above, but it is so much nicer when my older son has arranged all the pins in their colour matching pie piece.  He has said more than once ” mom, can’t you put them back in their proper places so that I don’t have to keep organizing them”.  He’s awesome!

So the deadline for this quilt it January 13th so I better stop typing and get sewing while I have a few free hours alone at home.  Enjoy the end of your week.