tiny appearance

whoa, I almost forgot how to do this!  I took an accidental break that turned into an intentional break from blogging.  Hope you are still out there now that I am back.

This is where I have shared all the little things I see around me, as well as my creations.  But along came Instagram.  I can snap a pic, post it, and get all kinds of interaction. boom.  So do I post the same stuff here? just with more detail? hmm.  we’ll see.

I have heard that rhododendrons and azaleas will sometimes bloom twice in a year, given the right environment. This morning in my backyard, I spotted something on my Azalea…

DSC04151On further inspection, look at ALL those buds!  Maybe this will be a full show.


I don’t know what I did, but suspect that neglect thru a very dry summer, and then more attention in the last while has reset the plant. Fun!

About mid-July I finally finished My Canada quilt.  Hooray.


I probably mentioned this before, but there is LOTS of quilting in there.  Even trees quilted into the blank space around the trees. And oh crap, look at the peeks of red fabric and thread showing thru.  Too late to fix that.  Character, right?


And I couldn’t find plain striped red and white fabric so I went with this one for the binding, and I’m pretty happy with it.

canada quilt binding

This was gonna be great at the Saanich fair.  I had the entry form printed and ready, but neglected to look at the submission deadline until 1 day too late. Man, was I bummed out.  Maybe next year.

I have 4 quilts planned/ due in the next 4 months, so there should be lots to show soon.



busy days, rainy days, a week of not going into my backyard.  And then a lovely surprise when I finally go out there.


I have been meaning to transplant this Azalea for a few years.  It is pretty pot bound in a pot that narrows at the neck.  But clearly still happy enough to put on a pretty display.


This time of year you can find all kinds of surprises if you keep your eyes open.  My son and I found fawn lilies amongst the Garry Oaks on our walk today. He thought the spotted leaves were pretty cool.  “But why do the lily heads bend down mom?”  great question that I had no answer for.  It was nice to just go out for a walk together, not be racing to the baseball park.  Take the moments when them come.