and sew it grew

Here’s where you hope your hubby isn’t looking!

My hubby wears white cotton t-shirts under his dress shirts for work everyday.  Over the years I have had the kids make handprints and footprints with craft paint (with a few drops of textile fixer) on these t-shirts and given them as father’s day or birthday or Christmas gifts.  Of course white shirts get yellowed and gungy so there is a decent turnover.  And being the saver, I have stashed all these memory shirts away in a drawer.

And now my man is coming quickly to the big 5-0.  Time to put my plan into action.

Manly colour palette, check.


I started cutting out the prints and using fusible webbing to make the t-shirt material less stretchy. I was short a few blocks, so added some of the boys old favorite t-shirts.DSC04123

I also had the boys do one more set of handprints on quilting cotton.  Some of the bigger prints ended up 12″, so I added borders to make the others come up to size. Then a black border.  The blocks were getting pretty big by now and I still had more to my quilt design. Block 1 with my youngest boy’s current mitt size


And then it just kept growing

until I got to this…


those grey tiles on my floor are 1′ square, that makes this quilt 5 3/4 x 9 1/4 feet! Huge! Although it was intended as a lap quilt, this will now work well for on his side of the bed on winter nights when he is cold and I am warm.

I have now pin basted and am starting to quilt.  October 6 is my birthday deadline, so I better get back to sewing while he is at work.

Fabric note; I am not a fussy fabric girl, and this quilt is typical of me.  There are some thin cottons, some stiff cottons and of course the t-shirt cottons.  I square up lots and press lots and seem to end up with pretty good results without worrying about it all being pristine equal weight fabric.

Have a great rest of your week!


inspiration into fabric

Phew! Raffia skirts, anklets, wristlets all done.

Now I get to have fun with my machine again.

That wave block has kept me inspired. What’s a good contrast with blue waves? Orange.


Ooh I like it! And I like it when my idea successfully translates into the fabric I am sewing together.

So onward with an hour of peace and quiet in the house (except for the whir of my Janome) and I got a good start on my plan.


Yup, it’s gonna be fun. I can barely wait until next weekend to make some more.

On a side note, but definitely inspiring, is my friend Sue Martin’s new business. Check out her cool custom copper jewelry at SMARTin Design .

Making waves

This month the Block Lotto at my Modern Quilt Guild is an improve curvy block. Colour palette …my favorite colour, blue.

And I love curves too!  Happy me.


I can’t wait to see how the winner of the blocks puts them all together. Maybe it will be me?


This is all the sewing that happened in this busy first weekend of the baseball season.  But at least I got to sew a bit.  Happy me.