small projects

It is nice to have small quilty things to be done, attainable in less than a day. So often a quilt is a pleasurable, but long process.

The first small one was adding my part to the round robin block that came my way at the last guild meeting.  That was fun, sorry I can’t show you what I did.  Blind round robin, no photos published until finished.

The next was making some slab blocks for the Canadian Quilter’s association Canada 150 quilting bee.  The request was put out for quilters to make slab blocks or quilt tops made of slab blocks, using at least one piece of special Canada 150th birthday fabric.  These blocks will be gathered and quilted at a giant quilting bee and donated to Ronald McDonald House.

Slabs are great stash busters for all those small scraps.  There is some order to the chaos of this photo!


And although I used lots, there are still many scraps left.  Maybe I should make more blocks.  We will see what time allows.


The third little project was the upcoming month’s block lotto.  That one I cannot show yet either.  But got it done as well.

So a productive weekend overall.

Have a great week ahead.


Family day, no sewing.

Today was about hanging out with the family, so no sewing happened.  But I did sew yesterday.

You have heard me say I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to quilting projects.   Not that I don’t finish, but I tend to be easily and often distracted by something new and exciting.  And sometimes in pulling out stuff I come across a started project and it grabs me.  Yay!  Those blue and white HSTs grabbed me and I have been thinking about them and what to do.  Originally I was thinking about a medallion quilt.  A center block with lots of borders, something like this…

Image result for blue medallion quilt

But then I have seen some cool Navajo style quilts…

Image result for navajo style quilt

and that intrigued me even more.  There are so many cool borders and row pattern possibilities.  Doing a row at a time seems a pretty good way to have a natural break, where that part is complete, and I can put it away with some satisfaction.

I just wanted a start to finish project for yesterday while I had a friend over sewing together.  She is just a beginning quilter and I am happily her enabler. When I pulled out all my blue fabric (yup there’s lots),


and my friend saw what appeared to be the beginning of a quilt she said ” Hey, you are starting a new one, so that means you have all your incompletes done?” I laughed and laughed.  As I said, she’s a new quilter and doesn’t know much about having many UFOs in your repertoire.  But this one has been in my started pile, in it’s own little case, for probably 2 years, so it is probably time.

I started in my favorite way… sketching borders on graph paper.  Then I made a bunch of HSTs.  (doesn’t make sense to calculate exact amounts does it? you can always use them in something else.)  the layout looked good…

dsc03867so I started pinning and sewing…

dsc03869and I think it came out pretty nice.

dsc03870I made it 40″ so that I can finish it with white at the ends.  That length set the standard for all the future rows.

That’s my make story for yesterday.  Hopefully doing a row at a time will inspire me to try a few new techniques and create something fun.




Not the scary old harmonized sales tax, the fun and versatile half square triangles.  I love them!

But first, how I got to this point.

I have a quilty friend, well more than a friend, she’s the one who’s charisma made me decide to join my Modern quilt guild.  And she is a fountain of quilty knowledge and support. You can find her at She retired as our guild president at the end of 2016 and as a thank you for all her hard work over the years, we all cut 2.5″ squares to give her.  Some might think that’s a funny present, but she was thrilled.  She loves 2.5″ squares. Here’s my contribution…(she’s a rainbow lover too).


That got me thinking, what do I get as excited about?  I do love 5″ squares, often called charm squares.  Often precut and found in a charm pack. Great name! But when I think of precut squares of any kind…I think about making them into HSTs.  That gets me excited! HSTs are so versatile and give so much more movement and potential shapes to a quilt.

A few years ago I drew out and systematically put together this quilt top.  Sadly it is waiting in the closet to be quilted one day.

dsc03838 Another quilt I made with a Charm pack gifted to me from a friend; you have seen before.


These tiny 1″ HSTs came together in a tiny doll quilt that you can see at

And every time you put two squares together, you can make 2 HSTs.


Or if you sew a square onto a corner, sew a 2nd seam and then you have left over HSTs for something in the future or to use in the same quilt like this.

I even have a little box where I collect them for ??? I am sure I will find a use someday.


The little blue and white stack is for a medallion border on a sort of started blue and white quilt.  I have so many quilts on the go, it is just silly!  I will really try to finish some of them this year before starting new ones, sometimes I just get a new idea into my head and start pulling and cutting fabric.

Well that’s a peek into my brain today.  Thanks for reading.


I would call it a success.  I am not able to take a completed photo of my son’s birthday quilt as he is all snuggled up in it, asleep in bed.  He has been wrapped up in it most of the last 2 days (when he is sitting down) since I gave it to him.  That makes me smile.

I did not get the quilt totally completed, but enough so that I could bind it and he could use it.  Next week I will put it back in my machine to finish.

But I did get some other things finished.  A few months ago I said “sure I can make you some pillows for your living room” to a friend of mine.  Yup, got right on that one.  But I finished 2 of them today, and the other 2 just need zippers.


We decided to put black on the back, for interest and contrast.


Really, they only took me about 15 minutes each, just a matter of getting to it.  But no beating up, just happy to be able to do them and happy they are done.

I spent time this morning finishing up my info sheet for a round robin that I am hosting at MQG Victoria .( At our actual meetings, not online.)  I am very excited, and a bit nervous.  Hope it all works as planned.  I have never been in charge of a group quilt activity before, and this is a year long event.

And then I finished up my block lotto for this month’s guild meeting and the block to present, to be finished for next month.  And organizing what blocks have been done, what colours have been used lots, which have been missed etc.  Got my notebook and I am having fun with it.  Oops, still need to put it on the guild blog, to appear at meeting time this Thursday.

That will not happen tonight.  Time for bed.  Have a great week ahead.

Bed for a princess

I always thought I would have little girls to sew dresses and pretty things for. My hubby has 4 sisters and I have 2, but as it is I have 2 boys.  And so I sew boy things.

But our new little girl kitten needed a bed. What’s a mom to do, but find some left over super soft fabric and wing it.

Years ago I made little lambs for my boys for Easter.


Turns out that I used WAY less fabric than the pattern called for.  the remnants have sat in a bin for 4 years now.  I folded the fabric in half and sewed it together, leaving a 6 inch opening to turn it right side out.  Then cut strips of an old towel and rolled them up, pushed them to the edges and ran a stitch to hold them in place. I used the remaining square of the towel for padding in the bottom of the bed.

Voila! a soft bed for a little kitten who will get bigger.


Yup, I think she likes it.

colour gone

There is a lot of colour in autumn, but it is also the disappearing of colour as nature gets ready to rest for winter.

Bright sunflowers from my garden have now become pretty  colourless.

This one is drying inside to hopefully harvest and roast the seeds.


I have never done this, so it will be purely trial and error.

The other sunflower doesn’t seem to have had a chance to ripen as much: there is not a hint of black on the seeds, so I have left it outside for the birds to enjoy.


I have often grown sunflowers, with varying degrees of success.  I don’t have a photo of mine, but a fun variety was the Teddy Bear Sunflower.

Image result for teddy bear sunflowers

These lovely little ones are an almost perfect pompom of happy yellow.  I saved the seeds form one, to plant the next year.  That was very successful, but not in the way you would think.  I think these are a hybrid, modified to be short and cute, so when the next generation grew, they reverted back to some previous strains.  Again I don’t have a photo( this was before digital cameras) but I ended up with giant plants with over a dozen flowers on each stem of varying colours.  It was fun.  My sister stood at her 2nd storey window with a measuring tape to see how big they had become.  They were about 17 feet tall with a stem 2 inches in diameter!  You just never know.

On a more colourful note, look what I got today from my Thirty-one party order.  Deliveries to do…


And a treat for me..



And oh wait, there’s more pink.  This is the block lotto I presented in September for my quilt guild.


Have a happy pink rest of your week!


doing blog posts has made me look around myself at the ways colour influences my world. Does anybody else decorate in colour blocks? Like with your books?

I also organize my clothes by colour. I was surprised to meet somebody else who does this. But I did. Though only the once.