Slab vs Made fabric

Which do you like best? Sometimes there is a definite crossover, but I think of slab work as


right angles  and all vertical and horizontal, maybe a 90 degree angle thrown in. I learned about slab work from Cheryl Arkison  and from when she came and did a trunk show at a guild meeting.  I have always loved having a way to use up every last scrap and this is certainly a great way to do it.

The other way I used to use up scraps is by making “made” fabric, as Victoria Findlay Wolfe calls it.  Like this

010These are pretty much crazy squares too. They are also fun, but my order-lovin’ brain likes the organized slab much better.  I am always amazed when you take a random, same colour palette, pile of fabric and put them together, they all work together pretty well. Awesome.

And putting together scraps to make fabric seems to be a good thing.  When I first began quilting my hubby would ask “why are you cutting all that fabric apart, only to sew it back together?”  He knows better than to ask that question now.  Somehow quilting helps to keep me sane and we all like that!

Have a good week.  I am counting the days until I get another sew day.

dark and bright, dark and light

The garden is in full bloom, and Zucchini season has begun.  I found this lovely bright bloom this morning.


and nearby under a big leaf…


And then the dark comes from local farms

Stellar Farms on Oldfield road in Saanich has the best blueberries I’ve ever tasted. Including Duke blueberries that are the size of small cherries! They didn’t survive the car ride home.  Oops. No sprays or pesticides either. Yum.

On the sewing side, I dug into my bag of neutral scraps to work on a gift.  It is definitely worth having your scraps sorted by general colour for a quick grab for this kind of project.


And started sewing bits together, Cheryl Arkison slab style.  After joining a few strips of random size, you put them together to build your chosen size block. It’s fun, but time consuming.  2 hours flew by, and the kids were asking “what’s for dinner”. No wonder they asked, it was 6:45 and I hadn’t even thought of what to cook.  Poor neglected boys.  Hardly!


I can only give you a little peak until this project is gifted, but there is a dark side to this one…


You can see how the slab comes together nice and random. Hopefully my Swallow silhouette works out. Time for hand stitch applique.