Sometimes that’s how I feel about my fabric stash.  It is ridiculous how much fabric I have in comparison to what I actually use  in a year.  But I have pared down, and I think I would like to use everything I have.


I started tidying and cleaning up my sewing area.  Well, not my sewing area…I sew at the dining room table.  This is my fabric and sewing stuff storage area.  I get excited and work on a project, but once I’m done, I am bad about separating and putting away the left overs.  Partly because I am already wanting to start the next project.  Talk about magpie distraction!!!  But the other part is my frustration with my fabric stash.  I love  my fabric, but some drawers are overflowing , with almost not room to put back the leftovers.  In those drawers is a lot of fabric that I have ideas for and just never get time to do.  I DO realize that this is really not a problem; to have more fabric than time.  And it’s a classic quilter’s thing.  Never mind a stash, it’s a stable…STash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy.  That truly is ridiculous.  Really, I could make quilts for years without buying anything except batting.

And 2 of those overflowing drawers are full of scraps.  I save anything over 1 inch.  And as much as I make scrap quilts and projects, I still have 2 drawers full.  Every year or so I pull out all my scraps and organize them by colour to make my scraps more user friendly.  This system certainly works and I get a boost of feeling organized.

I have grown so accustomed to sharing what I make on here, facebook, flickr, and instagram, that secret projects are hard!  Now that I make the block lotto each month, I can’t show my creation until long after I have made it.  Here is Sept, Oct, Nov 2016 and Jan 2017

I am having fun creating blocks, and it’s cool to make one block and then when everybody brings in their blocks I get to see them all come together.

And I have completed my center block for my round robin quilt.  I am very excited to start the exchange.

So that’s me this weekend. Hope you enjoyed the first weekend in February.

Sharing scraps

I have a friend who works at a seniors centre teaching crafts.  When her “students” are downsizing they often bring in boxes of yarn or fabric etc.  Hoping that M can make use of it.  Some get used, but many times she says she has trouble putting it into hands that will use it when she can’t use it for a class.  Enter in a box of cotton fabrics…and M surprised me at soccer last weekend with the huge box! It was as exciting as Christmas.  You just never know what you will find in a random box like that.


There were some old prints, not lovely enough to call vintage, some eek!, some not bad, and some really great ones. And about half a box of “other” fabric.  I went through it all and built some piles.


Then I went through the piles to rethink my “want fabric, must have/take any fabric” to ” I love this and I can see this being used by me”. That definitely made the piles a bit smaller.  I posted this photo on Instagram this morning.


It’s not that I have too much fabric, I am just running out of space. It is pretty disorderly at the moment, as I have been busy and things get half done and plunked back in my sewing area until another day. So I really need to become more selective in my taking of gifted fabric.  It is just so hard to say no.  Free and fabric combine to be almost irresistible to me.  But the realist in me weighed in on some of the decisions.

I did contact a quilty friend to “warn” her that I had a box of fabric to pass forward once I had explored it.  She was as excited as I was.  We are a crazy bunch of fabricaholics.