I bought fabric, again.

Oops I bought fabric!


I say oops, like I slipped and it fell into my lap.  Haha, more like I kissed my hubby and the boys goodbye and headed out to look at fabric at a sale.  Buy 1 metre, get 2 free, who can resist that!!!  I mostly buy solids and a few tone on tone prints that act like solids.  But this piece just kept calling me back to the bolt to touch it.  Do you ever do that?  I have NO IDEA what I will do with this, but I had to have it.

I also grabbed a few fat quarters of solids. DSC03590

I have volunteered to do block lotto http://www.mqgvictoria.com/p/great-tutotials.html for my guild for the rest of the calendar year.  I think this might be the palette for September’s block.

That’s all I have to say tonight.  I really just want to get started on quilting my ugly fabric challenge quilt, and playing with fabric to come up with an improve block for the block lotto.  Probably not going to happen tonight.  But tomorrow!!!

All done!!!

Lots of time spent hand stitching the binding


even at the office on my lunch hour, and all the binding is done.


Now this batik beauty is ready to make its way to Fort MacMurray, Alberta for someone who lost everything in the forest fire that destroyed a large part of that city.

The bright, cheerful colours in this quilt just screamed for a photo shoot somewhere colourful. Why not a playground?

It will fit on a queen sized bed, with a 1 1/2 foot overhang. It is BIG.


The back turned out pretty fun too, I think.


Here you can really see the double straight line quilting.  Although that blue was a big flimsy and as you can see, it puckered a bit when being quilted. But its the back, so no worries.


This weekend it was about big pieces of fabric. and making big things.

A friend as school asked if I could finish the edges for some table clothes for the teacher appreciation lunch.  “Sure” says the crazy lady.  By next week. ” Sure” says the crazy lady. Cause I certainly don’t have anything else piled up!!  But I want to help, and it needs to get done.  So 45 feet of fabric arrived Friday morning at my house.

It had been cut into five 9′ pieces, which frayed a lot.


Trimmed, zig-zagged, double turn edges all sewn together and delivered.  The friend who asked for me to do this job took my kids to the beach for 3 hours so that I could get this done. Fair trade.


The other big job was to make a back for the batik quilt top to donate to people who lost everything in the fire in Fort MacMurray.

I didn’t have a big enough piece for the whole back, so I needed to come up with something.  My mom’s cousin is a designer for Ethan Allen and a few years ago gave us a big bag of scraps and cuttings. Amongst others there was a lot of this Greek column fabric. But it was a lot of smaller pieces and one long strip.


There wasn’t quite enough of the one fabric, so I added contrast fabric strips to bulk it out.

Pretty happy with the result. Hopefully this will work with the other side.DSC03359

So now it’s a matter of putting it all together.  That will be next weekend.



a whole bunch of colours

This quilt is nothing but brilliant colour! After some planning by me and some power sewing by myself and a few quilty friends last Friday, and by me tonight, this batik quilt top is complete. it measures 101″ x 84″. Full bed size for someone in
Fort MacMurray who has lost so much in the recent forest fire that destroyed a large part of the city. Thanks again Satin Moon quilt shop for donating the fabric.


My nine year old was the photographer of this one, as it was so big my hubby and I had to hold it high to get it off the ground (sideways even).  The wind didn’t help either!

As we were building this quilt we decided it was going to be a “fluid” quilt.  Working with many different sizes of blocks that had to be worked out to fit, and layouts changing it was a lot of colour movement; therefor fluid!


This is my kitchen turned into a quilt shop( yup 3 sewing machines). We even had a little baby helping(well maybe hinder is a better word). His twin brother slept thru the whole event.

It was enjoyable to work with so many jewel like colours, and the sun behind them turned them into stained glass.


The next step is to patch together solids for the back, and then find a floor big enough to spread it all out and pin it ready for quilting.  I love piecing a quilt top, I love quilting in lines and swirls and whirls, but I hate sandwiching it together. Ugh!


Fort MacMurray

Seeing photos and hearing the reports of the loss and devastation of the forest fire that has wiped out so much of the city of Fort MacMurray and surrounding areas is so heartbreaking.  So what do quilters do? We make and donate fabric comfort.

This little one is on a truck heading to an evacuation shelter at the end of the month.


This is a disappearing nine patch. Something I wanted to try years ago.  It had been sitting on my quilt rack for a few years and needed a home.  What a great way for it to go.  That felt good.

Oh Mylanta, now what have I gotten my self into! Satin Moon Quilt Shop kindly donated 2 bundles of precut fabrics to my quilt guild for a quilt for Fort MacMurray.


Making quilts for others really appeals to me, so I stepped up and said I would like to be part of that, with the help of others. Well, the fabric has come to my house with me being the lead on creation.  so far I have 2 other quilters committed to coming over for a 4 hour sewing frenzy on Friday.  We’ll see how far we get. and if there are any more offers to help.

There are 5″ squares, 6.5″ squares, 8″ pieced 4 patches, and 7″ pieced framed squares.


And some weird random novelty fabrics that really didn’t go; they got put aside.

So I started to play with the layout this morning.


I was going to try a light to dark colourway, but with these pieced blocks, I think the random colour flow it what will be.

This is where I stopped, since there was no more kitchen floor space to use. 80″x 100″ unpieced, so it will be a bit smaller when put together. LOTS of seams there.


And then there will be a border of the 6.5″ squares.

So most of my other projects have been put on pause(hopefully not for long), with the exception of 2 smaller time sensitive projects that are near completion.

I am quite the magpie…OOH, new fabric to play with!!!