stem colour


Before all the tiny leaf buds begin, there is colour starting around here.  I was out walking and noticed this lovely tree with white bark.  Pretty sure it’s a birch, but doesn’t have the classic tall single trunk. ( And yes, I know white isn’t a colour but…)


Much to my son’s consternation, our walk/scooter ride slowed A LOT as I continued to find interesting bits of trunk/stem colour.

Lots of red stems, from this perennial branch, along with the new blackberry shoot!


Not sure what this yellow one is, but there is lots of it.


Oh, just saw the bits of trash at the bottom of the photo!  Sad, when I was walking along  a road, beside a nature sanctuary.  Well sad anywhere.

And of course the most prevalent colour in spring, green.


A week since I took these photos, and there are green buds, blossoms, and leaves starting everywhere.  Here in Victoria we get a few sunny days and spring starts with a vengeance.  Ooh boy, it’s fun to have spring allergies!  At least I only sneeze and itch for about 5 weeks.

Keep noticing colour and detail around you, it can fill your soul.  And the lecturer I recently heard speak (Tony Small) reminded us all to get at minimum 20 minutes outside for our brain health.


I had a party

I had a little party last night.  I love to have people over, but it doesn’t happen all that often.  My girlfriend started selling a product called Thirty-One, it’s home party sales of bags, purses, totes, storage, lunchkits etc.  Fun prints and lots of styles and you can customize with embroidered initials, names, and quotes.  I now have a thermal lunch bag with my initials and a great zip top tote for taking my crochet or hand quilting to the soccer field or park or?


It was not planned for these to be matching, just a bonus; the tote was a hostess gift.

And a bonus of having people over is that after the effort of making the house look extra tidy for company, its easier to keep it this way. For a few days at least.  There is something so pleasing about a neat and tidy house, but I just can’t seem to keep up with it all the time.  More important things like spending quality time with my family.

As I was looking around, I noticed more of the pink and green theme that has been catching me.  Cleary I have always liked this, as these latest noticings are in my own home!  On the mantel.


and on the couch.


Ah well, roll with it.


paying attention

I don’t know if I have talked about this before…oh well.

I have always noticed the colourful world around me and how it influences my creativity.  But writing this blog really makes me aware of just how much I am influenced by that colour. And what cool things you see when you pay attention.

Sometimes a particular palette seems to be tapping on your shoulder wherever you go.

Right across from my desk at work the other day…


On the wallet of a paying patient the same day…


And at Ogden Point yesterday down near the drift wood…


I do love pink and green together, but sometimes it feels too cutesy.  When in fact it is a common theme in nature.  hmm.  Very similar to this and this.

On the sewing front I have finished quilting the mostly white quilt, now binding.


Sit on the couch quietly in the evening kind of quilting. Forced, but very enjoyable moment to stop and breath.

Garden Variety Inspiration

The garden presents such lush colour combinations.  How can I not be inspired?



After hunting around and snapping photos, it became clear that there seemed to be a colour theme at this moment, this morning in my backyard.



What’s a girl to do, but start pulling fabric!  Whether it results in a new quilt or just a fun moment with fabric, it’s all good for making a girl smile. I am always amazed at how a glimpse of a colour palette can get my creativity whirring.


And that’s all for my colour break for today.  Time to give the house some attention.  It has been desperately neglected in the pursuit of summer pleasure.  But some days you just need to buckle down and clean the toilet!  Balance, right.

Finding Colour

I started looking for colour inspiration, this time in my yard.  Come on a tour.  First in bright flowers…


But then I noticed how many lovely shades of green there were around.

Hmm, maybe a multi-shaded green table runner for spring? in the slab style of Cheryl Arkinson?

But then I saw a little hint of other colours among the greens


The best find and hint of colour was this little lady. And I found her in my rose bush after I spotted some little brown aphids already busy feasting.  Eat well lady bug!